How long has Mary’s been around?

Mary’s is not a newcomer to the hemp - derived CBD space. Headquartered in Denver, CO, Mary's Nutritionals was conceived in 2014 to bring Mary’s award - winning delivery methods to the hemp - derived product world. Mary's Nutritionals has quickly become a trustworthy industry leader in high quality and effective hemp - derived products for topical, transdermal, and oral use. With the intention of creating products for overall improved health and wellness, Mary’s always puts our customer’s best interest first. Mary’s Tails is an extension of the Mary’s Nutritionals brand, as products designed for cats and dogs. In collaboration with our partner farms, Mary’s Nutritionals is truly a soil - to - oil - to - shelf product. Our mission is distilling the wisdom of plants to help people and pets reach their full health and wellness potential.

What is hemp extract?

How do hemp-derived CBD products work?

What is CBD?

What is the endocannabinoid system?

Is CBD Legal?

What is the difference between full spectrum hemp extract, broad spectrum hemp extract, and isolate?

I read a lot of companies who say their products are full spectrum CBD. What is full spectrum CBD?

From where do you source your hemp?

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Where can I find a Certificate of Analysis?

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Is hemp extract best delivered on an empty stomach, with food, or after a meal?

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Are your products Grain Free and Gluten Free?

Which product is best for my pet?

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Can puppies or kittens benefit from Hemp Extract?

How do you administer tinctures?

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How do you administer the Hemp Extract Transdermal Gel Pen?

What does Transdermal mean?

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Does the Hemp Extract Balm have transdermal properties?

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