A Dose Of Zen For Your Furry Friend

Mary’s Tails makes reliable full spectrum hemp extract products with naturally occurring CBD to help foster calmness and elevate everyday wellness.

Gray dog wearing Mary's Tails dog collar

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Get Back On Your Paws

Get Back On Your Paws

Whether it’s general discomfort or if your companion feels off, you tend to feel off too. Add hemp-derived CBD to their wellness regimen to help them bounce back, and stay there.

Well-Being Made Better

Well-Being Made Better

Just like if Rocco took up yoga, hemp-derived CBD adds zen to your pet’s daily life. Supporting their wellness routine with natural, thoughtfully crafted solutions is a surefire way to give them a little support and show them a lot of love.

Real safe, real certified, real results

Natural, holistic pet solutions for when life gets ruff. Engineered in our Colorado lab to ensure your companion is getting the best-of-the-best, our complete line of full spectrum hemp extract products with naturally occurring CBD help improve the lives of both pets and pet-parents.

Guaranteed Potency

Safe & Consistent

Lab Tested

Colorado Grown Hemp

About Mary’s Tails

“My little guy would pace all night. Between the restless meowing and marching around my apartment, him losing sleep made me lose sleep, too. This Transdermal Gel Pen was a miracle.”

Alex & Marcel met 2 years ago. Thanks to the power of Mary’s Tails, they’re both sleeping more soundly.

What Is It, Boy?

Though we’d love to make sense of their barks and whimpers, truth is, we don’t speak the same language and we can’t always tell what they’re feeling. We’re here to help you both.

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